Proposals for Funding

The Buimerc India Foundation is open to receiving applications for funding from deserving causes / eligible NGO's / Institutions who are carrying and have been carrying out exemplary work for social upliftment over the last many years. Detailed applications giving a report on the activities over the last three years and indicating the fund sought with its intended utilization could be send to the Foundation for review. Appeals are normally considered at the beginning of the financial year, only.
Fresh applications could be sent to:

Executive Committee of Trustees

The Executive Committee comprising the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and three Committee members will decide, based on the annual budget, the selection of projects for support through a process of discussion and consensus.
The committee would consist of eminent persons from all walks of life, of good stature and high standing in the society. Senior managers of Buimerc would also be members.
The Executive committee would meet once in a quarter to review the budgets, assess the applications received and decide on the funds to be released.

The Executive Committee shall:

a. Manage, administer and control the corpus funds and decide on the activities to be undertaken by the Foundation.
b. Appoint implementing partners as deemed necessary for the purpose of executing specific projects identified by the Foundation.
c. Fill up vacancies and rotate the posts in the Executive Committee, as and when required.
d. Purchase, acquire, or lease movable or immovable properties for meeting the objectives of the Foundation, if warranted.