“Thousands of candles can be lit by one single candle. The life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared…“
- Gautama Buddha

Buimerc India Foundation is an initiative of Buimerc group of companies.

Buimerc believes that Philanthropy is much more than just a charitable donation and one must respond to the needs of the society and give back unhesitatingly. To give when one has the power to give, is a not just a philosophy, but a discipliner too.

Buimerc India Foundation is committed to supporting those who endeavour to improve the quality of life by identifying issues and finding solutions faced by the society. Innovations must address the greater need to solve humanitarian challenges and finding solutions to meet the needs.
Buimerc would consider investments selectively, in relevant projects that create a beneficial impact in those areas that improve the livelihood of the community and the under-privileged.

The focus areas of the Foundation are:

•  Healthcare - meeting medical emergencies for the economically weaker sections – especially children, who are afflicted with seriously debilitating diseases.
•  Women’s empowerment - education, skill development, enabling sustainable livelihoods.
•  Environment, Waste management, Sanitation and Hygiene
•  Supporting the preservation and promotion of Heritage, Art and Culture, including Religious institutions for renovation or improvement of their infrastructure
•  Animal Welfare – feeding and prevention of cruelty to animals
•  Responding to the humanitarian needs of the community during natural calamities or health epidemics.